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Use My Music In Your Videos!

IMPORTANT: If you wish to use my beats or backing tracks to record your own original or cover song then go directly to my Beat Store.  However, if you are a content creator who wishes to use my music in your videos or other creative media project, please refer to the below information:


Thank you for considering the use of my music in your videos or other creative media projects.  In order to use my music you MUST be subscribed to my official Patreon Page at   Your subscription grants you permission to download and use my music in your videos.  You may only upload videos containing my music while you have an active subscription to my Patreon page.  Only music available on my Patreon page can be used in your video projects.  If you are interested in using music that is not available on my Patreon page then please contact me via email at  If you cancel your subscription you can no longer upload new videos using my music.  However, you will not need to take down or otherwise withdraw any videos published when you had an active subscription.  You are only permitted to use the licensed music on one channel (or account) per platform registered to the user and the channel must be registered with KennyMuziq via email notification.


Here is some helpful information regarding the licensing of my music:

  • There are two copyrights in every recorded song. There is:

    • a copyright for the recorded music and

    • a copyright for the song composition. 

  • This means that licensing is handled differently for my original music than for cover songs. 



If you're interested in licensing my original music for your project, this is a fairly easy process! Since I am the composer and recording artist, I control both the copyright of the recording and the composition and am able to grant permission to use these songs. 

You shouldn't have any problems with Facebook, YouTube, or any other video streaming platform.  

Please refer to my full TERMS AND CONDITIONS below but please note that I make Christian Music and any use of my music should not conflict with basic Christian values.  I ask that you be kind, ethical, and loving in the content in which you place my music. 



Licensing cover songs is a different process.  When I make a recording of a song originally published by another group, such as Hillsong or Elevation:

  • I control the copyright of the recorded music that I have personally created.

  • However, the song composition copyright itself still belongs to the original artist.

In order for a song to be included in any type of broadcast or product, the interested party must receive approval from both copyright holders -- both the recording artist (me) and the original songwriter. 

​I am only able to give my permission for the recorded portion of the music but you MUST ensure that you receive permission from the songwriters prior to using the piece of music. At the time of writing the latest update of this information, some platforms such as YouTube already obtains those necessary licenses under their own licensing service.




1.    Service description: KennyMuziq offers a music licensing service that allows users to access and use his music compositions in their videos on YouTube or other similar media streaming platforms.
2.    License agreement: KennyMuziq grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license to use the music, solely for the purpose of synchronizing with the user’s videos on YouTube or similar media streaming platform. Users must agree to the terms of the license agreement before using KennyMuziq's music. The license agreement includes the scope of the license, permitted uses, restrictions, and fees.
3.    Use of Music: For personal use only.  The user may use the downloaded music tracks solely in conjunction with videos uploaded to the user’s own YouTube channel or on their own account on similar social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram. The user may not sell, distribute, share or use the tracks in any other manner without KennyMuziq’s prior written consent.  The User also may not incorporate or sample the music as part of a new musical composition, arrangement or recording and upload to Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, or any other Digital Streaming Platform.
4.    Intellectual property: KennyMuziq retains all rights, title, and interest in his music, including copyright and trademarks. Users may only use KennyMuziq's music for the purposes outlined in the license agreement and must credit KennyMuziq as the copyright owner.
5.    Attribution: Users must include a credit in the description of their video that identifies KennyMuziq’s music by title and artist name, and includes a link to KennyMuziq’s YouTube channel or his official website.
6.    Cover Songs: A "cover song" is a song that is performed & recorded by KennyMuziq, but the song was written by someone else.  If you with to use a cover song in your project then
you MUST ensure that you receive permission from the songwriters prior to using the piece of music.  If you use a cover song in a video on YouTube then any revenue generated will be claimed by the publisher of that song. In some instances, the revenue may be shared but that is not guaranteed.
7.    Original Songs: An original song is a song that is written, performed & recorded by KennyMuziq and/or his collaborators.  If you use a KennyMuziq original song in your project then you are free to monetize that project and collect any revenue generated.   
8.    User obligations: Users must be subscribed to KennyMuziq official Patreon Page and comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using KennyMuziq's music.  Only select music available on KennyMuziq's official Patreon page can be used in your video projects.  Users are only permitted to use the licensed music on one channel (or account) per platform registered to the user and the channel must be registered with KennyMuziq via email notification.  Users may not use KennyMuziq's music for any illegal or infringing purpose.
10.    Termination: KennyMuziq may terminate the license agreement if the user breaches any of the terms or fails to pay the applicable fees. Upon termination, the user must immediately stop using KennyMuziq's music.
11.    Indemnification: Users agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless KennyMuziq from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, expenses, and fees (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising from or relating to their use of KennyMuziq’s music.
12.    Governing law: The license agreement is governed by the laws of Ontario, Canada. Any disputes arising from the license agreement must be resolved in accordance with the dispute resolution procedures set out in the agreement.
13.    Amendment: KennyMuziq may modify this agreement at any time by posting the modified terms and conditions on his website or otherwise notifying users of the modifications.

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